Establish A Professional Presence on Social Media!

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Faust FBThere are 4 steps you can take to establish a professional presence on social media:

Time – Frequently and consistently updating a Facebook page, posting tips, writing blogs, tweeting and similar tasks are imperative to your online positioning but also take away from the time you spend on other activities related to your practice. You probably do not have the time it takes to fully update your social media accounts, but Smile Marketing Pros can help you.

Talent – You need to find someone who can convey the brand and personality of your practice well enough so that patients want to have dental work done at your office over anyone else’s. As social media experts, Smile Marketing Pros are able to help you strategize and leverage your knowledge so that your business will continue to be successful!

Reputation – The perception of your business online is extremely important. Negative reviews are scary, but Smile Marketing Pros can explain how to benefit from these situations.

Image – You want to make sure each of your profiles, whether it be with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, are branded professionally with custom backgrounds, pages, and pictures. Keeping each of your social media profiles consistent with one another will ensure familiarity for clients and give the impression of a high level of professionalism.

Using social media for your dental or orthodontic practice gives you the option to better connect with your current and prospective patients. Did you realize that people are extremely vocal about what is ailing them on social media? You can use online search tools to find when people are vocalizing their dental problems and be the first to respond and offer a solution! What a way to build instant trust and credibility with people who are in immediate need of your help.

Allow social media to help your business! Contact Smile Marketing Pros today at (610) 314-7447 for more information!