How to floss Regularly

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How to floss Regularly

Do you floss regularly? Would you like to be able to floss on a daily basis? If you find that you’re too tired at night to remember to floss, we’ve got some tips for you! You want to maintain healthy teeth and gums and flossing is one of the best ways to do so.

If you wake up early, try flossing in the morning right after you brush. You’re right there, so there’s no excuse!

Floss right after lunch, but before you return to work. If you incorporate this into your routine, you’ll find that you’ll be flossing daily in no time.

Do you exercise daily? Try flossing before or after you exercise. Keep some floss in your gym back and you can give your teeth and gums some attention along with the rest of your body!

Floss during your favorite show in the evening. It can make flossing easier to remember and just a little more enjoyable!

Flossing is essential in order to maintain a healthy smile. Flossing before bed is the most ideal option as food particles left on your teeth can turn into plaque while you sleep, and plaque will erode enamel causing cavities. If you have any questions, please call us at [Your Practice] at [Your Number]