Is Social Media Important for My Dental Business?

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Kirby Facebook 2Why is social media such a significant role in marketing? Just a few years ago this question would not have been asked, however today it may be one of the most important questions. First off, what is social media? By now most people will have heard of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. But what do those sites do?
Traditional media is seen as a one way street for communication, where as social media can be described as a two way street for communication. Not only are you given information, but you are given the ability to communicate as well. You can post about a current product or promotion and communicate with your clients and potential consumers!
Statistics show that more than half of all people use at least one social networking site. Social media is a cost effective medium that allows marketers to have a voice, a way to communicate with peers, customers, and potential consumers. It gives a person/company the opportunity to help spread their message in a relaxed and conversational way.
79% of companies (that were surveyed) are already using or plan to use social media as a means of marketing for their business. But, social media is very needy – it must be updated and part of your everyday life in order to keep the attention you need for it to be successful. That’s where Smile Marketing Pros comes in. You are already extremely busy running your business, how are you supposed to post on social media sites daily?
We provide a variety of valuable services, and have five different service packages available for you to choose from. We’re certain that there is a package that is right for you. If not, we’ll develop a custom one to fit your needs. For more information, contact us at (610) 314-7447. We’d be happy to discuss social media marketing with you for your business.