Mobile Marketing!

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mobilephonesDid you know that by 2014, it is projected that more people will access the internet from their phones than from computers? 2014 is not that far away, and chances are patients and their family members are in your waiting room on their mobile devices.

Why not fill your waiting room with all kinds of interactive mobile marketing! In doing this, you’ll be positioning your practice as a very forward thinking business. It will keep your patients entertained the entire time they’re waiting.

So what do you use as mobile marketing? The answer is simple, QR Codes. At Smile Marketing Pros we’ll create and manage dynamic QR Codes that can be placed throughout your office. Patients can scan the QR Codes and easily “Like” your Facebook page, watch videos and testimonials about your practice, enter social media contests, and leave positive reviews!

Our QR Codes are easily manageable, which means you can change what they link to without hassle. So what are you waiting for? Give Smile Marketing Pros a call today at 610-709-6119 and market to your patients where they’re most likely to see it – on their phones!