Outdoor Advertising. What can it do for my Practice?

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billboard Gallery pic cornSo you caved and are now on social media, or maybe you were ahead of the game and have had it for a while. You have a beautiful website you can be completely proud of. You’ve even got a mobile website. Is anything missing? You bet there is!

Outdoor advertising is a crucial part to your marketing success! Essentially outdoor advertising is any print or interactive advertising that reaches your current patients (and prospective ones too) while they are outside their homes!

Broken down, outdoor advertising can fall into four different categories: billboards, street furniture, and alternative. It is the advertising you see when you are on-the-go!

Billboards are the traditional out of home advertising format and are usually located in highly visible, heavy traffic areas. Think of how many more patients you could attract to your office with that kind of publicity!

Street furniture is typically made up of formats like bus shelters, news racks, and benches. Alternative advertising includes many non-traditional formats, such as gas pumps, bike racks, rest areas, etc. By using alternative advertising, you may be able to address potential patients in areas they may not expect.

Outdoor advertising can be very beneficial for your practice! With the help of billboards, signs, posters, and more, you can attract new patients to your practice every week. Smile Marketing Pros are highly qualified to help with your outdoor marketing. For more information, check out or call us at (610) 314-7447. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have!