Practice Purchase / Rebranding

Marketing solutions for dentist practicesPurchasing / Rebranding a Practice

Have an existing practice that needs a fresh start?  Purchasing an existing practice and need to rebrand it? We can help!

Old Name or New?

If the current practice has a negative reputation in the market, for whatever reason, you may want to consider developing an entirely new brand, including the practice’s name. Having negative reviews online on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List and Google can be difficult to overcome if you keep the same name, even though you change everything else about the practice.

Old Website or New?

Can you update the current website or should you invest in a new one? Depending on the age of the current site, and the platform that it was built on, we may be able to update the site.  In most cases though, starting from scratch with a new, state of the art platform is the best way to go.

Time to update the logo and collateral?

Many companies, both small and large will update their logo and branding strategy every so often and you can do the same. Launching a new logo and branding image can help give the practice a new life in the market, especially if the current reputation is not that great.  Is the practice’s collateral old and outdated?  Bringing in new business cards, brochures and office signage can help revitalize a practice, both for the staff and the patients. After we evaluate your practice’s existing brand and reputation, we will recommend the best plan of action.

What’s the best approach?

We offer a FREE online evaluation for these types of situations.  Normally valued at $149, this report will provide you with details around the current online reputation, website and social media presence of the practice.  This key initial step helps us develop the proper strategy to giving the practice new life.
Our marketing team will evaluate your options, and then advise you on the best choice for your situation. We’ll provide you with a few options on how to proceed, and then you can select which plan works best for your budget. Because we’re a one-stop source, the implementation of your chosen strategy will be seamless.

Some of the services that have been utilized to rebrand a practice include:

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