Blog Management

Dental Practice Blog development and managementEstablishing and maintaining a blog for your dental practice can help drive an increase in new patients.  Be seen as the “industry expert” in your primary market while providing relevant and educational material to your current and prospective patients.  Don’t have the time or writing skill to maintain a blog?  No worries.  Smile Marketing Pros can help.

Does my practice need a blog?

A blog is an effective and affordable way for you to position yourself, your team and your practice as the industry experts, building a high level of trust within your market.
Your practice’s blog is an effective and affordable way to provide valuable updates and information to complement your website. Blogs give you the ability to announce special events and special offers, post press releases while also providing an interactive forum to answer customer questions and encourage patient feedback.
Your Blog can be linked to your social media pages, giving your patients and prospective patients multiple ways to read and interact with your messages.
Blogs also give your practice a better online presence. When a new blog post is created, the search engines take notice. By developing and maintaining a blog for your practice, you can increase the amount of inbound links to your website. From an SEO perspective, this makes your website more authoritative, resulting in higher search engine rankings.

What are the benefits of having a blog?

There are two key benefits for your dental practice.
1.    Positioning your practice as the industry expert helps attract new patients.  You are perceived as knowledgeable and trustworthy.
2.    A blog is now regarded as the most effective customer engagement tool on the internet. It is also the most effective way for your practice to rise to the top of the search engines. The easier it is for your prospective patients to find you online, and the more comprehensive your online presence is, the more likely they are to call YOU for an appointment.

Why Do I Need Blog Management Services?

Blog Management will allow you to get back to what really matters: your patients. A blog requires a lot of upkeep and a strong commitment to providing new posts on a regular basis. Being able to effectively write engaging content is hard enough, but when you also take into account the maintenance, linking, SEO and monitoring of comments, a blog is very time consuming.
Smile Marketing Pros offers complete blog management, allowing you to benefit from having a top-notch blog for your practice without all the hassle.

Why Should I Choose Smile Marketing Pros?

Smile Marketing Pros will do more than post blogs on your behalf.  When selected as part of your dental marketing package, we handle everything from the initial blog site development, including the hosting, to the content creation. In addition, we reply to any comments on your behalf.   We have the experience and the skilled staff to make your practice stand out from the competition.
Because of our extensive catalog of dental marketing solutions, our team is made up of talented people with a wide breadth of skills. We make sure your blog looks good, is full of compelling content, is updated regularly, and is optimized for SEO. Dental Marketing is our passion and we are dedicated to helping your practice reach its full potential.